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Mascot Camp

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Mascot Camp Is Hard Work and Some Play

Have you ever thought about the person behind the mascot costume that works had during parades, intermission time at professional sporting events or store openings. I bet you haven’t! These men and women train hard at mascot camp to have the opportunity to suit up and sometimes face the ridicule of the fans. Just like the rigorous training steps that these mascots endure, the custom mascot designers at  Best Mascots also follow specific protocol to ensure that their costumes stand up to rigorous movements.

As you can see in this video below, it takes a lot of skill and training to become a mascot! Being able to relay thoughts and emotions through expressive movement is their only way of communicating. So, they can make the fans, (that’s you), break into a grin during an event or intermission. Their antics surely bring a smile upon the faces of youngsters and the young at heart.

Mascot Camp

Can you imagine just how antsy the little ones would get if there were no mascots on the field during intermission. Heaven forbid! I am sure some of you have heard….”Can we go home now?” or “Is it over yet?” Or perhaps even what seems to be the favorite of many kids….”I’m bored.” So having the mascots at community events helps to prevent that!

Well you can bet that the folks at Best Mascots enjoy doing just what they do and that is making custom designed mascot costumes for school sports teams, parades, brands, store openings, and professional sports teams. A lot of planning and execution goes into making each and every costume. The satisfaction comes with completing each costume design to the satisfaction of the customer.

With more than 35 years in the costume design industry, you can bet that we have our mascot costume designing down pat. It wasn’t always that way; the learning process was rigorous and time-consuming just like training to be a mascot!

But we like to think that we have the costume design business down pat ! Just like the people in the Mascot Camp training video!

Our costume designers put a lot of planning into each and every mascot costume that we sell on the market. Color and fabric, the construction of the mascot head, zippers, and additional apparatus, such as the mascot cooling fan. Safety, flexibility, and, ease of use, are just some of the important things that we take into consideration as we work on a catalog or custom-made mascot costume.

We also offer those who are interested in having a costume made, a free quote on the cost. This will be a ballpark figure. Not only do we sell costumes to customers, we have a vast selection of mascot costume accessories available.  Contact us today, if you are interested in our selection and services offered. We would be so happy to hear from you!

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